Our Events

If you are interested in sponsoring any of the below events, there are opportunities to do so. Contact us at info@womenstandingtogether.org and click here for more information.



This popular event is an opportunity to support a business leader or entrepreneur who is wrestling with a question that is inhibiting them from moving to the next level in their business or leadership role. This event supports both the presenter as well as the group, as they collaborate to problem solve, while building community and making long-lasting connections.


Led by the speaker of the previous Round Table Lunch, our Coffee Chats are an opportunity for the presenter to give back to the group by offering up some of their own knowledge, so that the group can absorb, reflect and use the information to further their business, or reframe obstacles from a new perspective. This event provides a more intimate setting to form personal connections as you brainstorm with a small group of women.

panel discussion

Our annual Panel Discussion focuses on a relevant topic, in keeping with our mission statement, for about 90 mins. We invite 3-4 experts or practitioners in the field to join the panel. There will be a discussion around questions on the topic and a Q&A with the audience at the end. Our panels deliver interesting and thought provoking discussions in an intimate, inclusive setting.


The hottest event on our calendar, experience our biannual Speed Coaching event. This event offers a valuable opportunity for you to join a panel of experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders and offer your expert advice to women looking for solutions and ideas for their business. As a member, you are welcome to serve on the panel or present an issue you are facing to the panel. You do not need to be a member to register for this event.


There are a handful of benefits that come with being a member, like our Members Only Mixers held at The Cumberland Club. This is a time of discussion and networking with other Women Standing Together Members. Often inspiring and motivational, these Mixers aim to uplift the group and enhance a bond of community between members.